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2018 Teddy Bear events in the UK (Toy Fairs and Family events (in Red) in date order.

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 Overseas Events
Euro Teddy - Germany
Euro Teddy - Germany - October 6th -7th 2018

Teddy Bear World, Germany
Teddy Bear World - Germany - May 26th -27th 2018

International Puppet Festival in Neustadt bei Coburg
Doll Festival - Germany -May 6th - 13th 2018

TeddyBar Total GERMANY	www.teddybaer-total.com
More 2018 events will be added as details are released.
Teddy Bear Total - Germany - April 28th - 29th 2018

Des Moines Doll Show USA
Doll Show - USA - November 4th - 14th 2017

Artist Doll and Teddy Bear Convention
Interest Groups
Travelling Bears
Convention - USA - April 12th - 14th 2018

Bears Festival - Germany - July 21st - 22nd 2018

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Visiting Oxford
The Oxford Buttery
11-12 Broad Street

If you want to be surrounded by dreaming spires, beautiful buildings, celebrated pubs, a fantastic range of restaurants, theatre and cinemas then The Buttery is the place to stay.

The Blenheim Buttery
7 Market Place,
OX20 1SY 

Accommodation in the centre of Woodstock, Oxfordshire.  All rooms have recently been refurbished to reflect the traditional charm and warmth of this 17th century building.